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p/s – this is the guestbook, so make sure you leave some footprints after you finish reading.

Hello again, the fans of Asian.It’d been very long. I last updated the blog layout and turn out to just leave it without updating content. So sorry.Actually I was planning in making comeback this year, 2013. But unfortunately there are two problems.

One, the OST that I need to recover since they had been deleted weren’t at me. It is at my sister. And I don’t know when I can meet her. It may take time.

Two, the internet connection at here, where I am staying right now, is very very slow. I don’t think I can upload anything in this state. Well, I keep on trying but it just finally turn out to be ‘NetWork Error’.

But, I will not using that reasons again to prevent me from updating in here. Honestly, I really miss the time I worked hard in here in order to serve you guys the OST. I miss it so much.

That’s why I decided to make a comeback this year. But I guess it not now since the connection is getting worse and worse. The update will be very slow. I will create a suggestion list, suggested by you guys about what OST should I upload next. I kind of lost track in new drama. I don’t know what drama is new, or is airing. So, I’ll need you guys help.

For writing like this, promising you comeback for a few time, I really feel ashamed but I really really am sorry. I promised you once but I broke it. I really busy back there. I’ll try my best this year.

Please assist me.

I think that’s all. Have fun here. Kiss Hugs. XOXO

13 thoughts on “Notice Board

  1. Hello!
    I was wondering if I could request the OST from “Resident~5 nin no kenshui~ (Japanese drama). Thank you for your consideration and all of your hard work!

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