Lyric Taiwan / Taiwan

Kun Shou (困獸) – Judy Zhou

yuan chu chuan lai feng de gu zao
shi jie jing xia lai kan re nao
ta men leng yan fa chu de xun hao
bu duan ci tong wo men er hou de han mao
quan chang dao shu zui hou yi miao
sha lu yi ke shei ye bu gan qing tiao
zhan huo yi peng jiu ran shao
tou po xie liu qu huan shei de rong yao

wo bu yao que mei you kong jian si kao
shi shei ba wo wei jiao
hai shi wo de shuang jiao
zao yi jing xi guan zhe zhong bu diao
ming yun zhang ya wu zhua xing cheng yi ge long zhao
wo he ni ge zi dai shang shou kao wu sheng pao xiao
ran hou kan zhe ni jing jing kan zhe wo
man man die ru ni zhao

bu shi wo yao gen ni zheng
zhi shi gang hao mu biao xiang tong
wo yao de meng zai ni shou zhong
bie guai wo zui hou hui rang ni pu kong

hou yi sheng wo jin wo quan tou
zhang sheng lei dong sheng ying zai cuan dong
man tian sa li zhi zhong
wo de shou cai chu le hui huang shang kou
wo huan gu le shi zhou zao bu dao zhan you
ni leng xiao ran hou chen mo de di xia tou
hu ran fa xian sheng li de bei hou
chu le ni wo shen me dou mei you

hei an zhi zhong shang di zhi shou
hai zai cao zong liang zhi kun shou
wo men de meng zai shei shou zhong
wei shen me zui hou hui shi qu xia luo


In the distance comes wind’s clamor
The world quiet down to watch the spectacle
The signal their eyes beam
Keeps prickling the fine hair behind our ears
Final countdown at the court
No one dares to be frivolous before the killing
The war flame spurs with a touch
Blood and toil for whose glory?

I don’t want it but there is no room to think
Who has me surrounded?
Or, are my feet
Already used to this pace
Destiny makes threatening gestures forming a cover
Me and you, each put on a handcuff, silently roar
Then look at you quietly looking at me
slowly sink into the mire

I don’t want to fight you
It’s just that we happen to have the same goal
The dream I want is in your hands
Don’t blame me for causing you to go away empty-handed

With a roar, I clench my fist
Thundering clapping, bodies moving
Gravel everywhere
My hands scratch out a glorious wound
I look around and can’t find my ally
You sneer and silently lower your head
Suddenly, I realize behind the victory
There is nothing else besides you and me

In the darkness, God’s hands
Still controls a pair of trapped beasts
Our dream is in whose hands?
Why did it end up missing?

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