Lovers In Paris

  1. Nal Gae (Guitar Version) – mp3
  2. Poot Sarang – mp3 , lyric
  3. Nuh Ha Na Man – mp3 , lyric
  4. Moon River (Violin Version) – mp3
  5. Romantic Love – mp3 , lyric
  6. Nuh Eh Gyut Eu Ro – mp3 , lyric
  7. Before The Rain (Instrumental) – mp3
  8. Tonight – mp3 , lyric
  9. Moon River (Saxophone Version) – mp3
  10. Guh Jit Mal – mp3 , lyric
  11. In My Dream (Instrumental) – mp3
  12. Sarang Neu Ggim – mp3 , lyric
  13. Poot Sarang (Instrumental) – mp3
  14. Dang Shin Ee Yut Na Yo – mp3 , lyric
  15. Ah Moo Mal Do Ha Ji Ma Yo – mp3 , lyric
  16. Nuh Ha Na Man (Saxophone Version) – mp3
  17. Romantic Love (Instrumental) – mp3
  18. Nuh Eh Gyut Eu Ro (Piano Melody Version) – mp3
  19. Nal Gae (Saxophone Version) – mp3

4 thoughts on “Lovers In Paris

  1. Hi thanks so much for this wonderful site…i love lovers in oaris though its been long time but stil i keep on watching it thru dvd.do you have also the song naege namun sarangul durilkkeyo? I would really appreciate it if you can add it to the list of songs.tnx again.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. But, i can’t download some of this song. I want to download the Before The Rain (Instrumental) song, but when i click the link, the file not found. I hope you can re-upload this song. Thanks.

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