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Snow Angel


This drama, staring Toro, Johnny Yan and Wang Yu Jie is about a triangle relationship amongst the 3 of them. In the show, Ji Teng (Toro) and Xue Tong (Margaret Wang) love each other but Xing Feng (Johnny) likes Xue Tong too. Ji Teng and Xing Feng are brothers but when their mother was killed by their father, he brought them away and they were seperated. Many years later Xing Feng finds out through a DNA test that Ji Teng’s his long lost biological brother, but Ji Teng was Xing Feng’s enemy when it’s about Xue Tong.

I can’t help but to comment on the ending of this drama. It’s not that I don’t like the ending, it’s just so unfair. They could have done better,anyway maybe they try to propose that life doesn’t always turn the way we want.


  • Toro as Ji Teng / Ji Gang
  • Margaret Wang as Qi Xue Tong
  • Yan Xing Shu as Qi Xing Feng
  • Cheryl Yang as Elaine Liang
  • Zhang Fu Jian as Qi Jia Shi
  • Tang Jia Hao as Ji Jie
  • Zhang Si Ping as Ma Qian
  • Gou Feng as Ji Da Shan
  • Julian Yang
  • Xu Qiong Yun as childhood Xue Tong

Credit to Wikipedia

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