Gumiho:Tale of the Fox’s Child

  1. 아픈 목소리 – mp3 ; lyric
  2. 아니랍니다 – 저스트 (Just) – mp3

for the time being, I just can find 2 songs..I’ll try harder..


4 thoughts on “Gumiho:Tale of the Fox’s Child

  1. Thanks to the link where to download. Can you post the romanized lyrics of this two songs. And if you have the english translation, it is much apprecriated. Thank you so,so much!

  2. Thanks you so much! I really appreciate your effort. I am not sure if that is the song. Coz i can’t open the page. I am only using my phone in viewing your blog. Just post the lyrics so I will know. And as far as I know the one who sung the OST is a girl. And in the chorus it has a lyrics “nae sarangi”.

  3. Can you also translate the OST of the drama “DAMO”?. It is titled “A Song of Sorrow”. Kim Bum-soo sang it. I have the romanized lyrics of the song. What I am looking for is the english translation. You can visit the callypsoo.wordpress.com the lyrics is in the post “damo”. Thanks!

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