Last Friends

01. Each Living (Last friends Main Theme)
02. Good Fellows (Takeru’s Main Theme)
03. Eternal Course / Eternal Circle (Motocross’ Theme)
04. Mind Bender (Sousuke’s Theme)
05. Spiral Heart (Ruka’s Theme)
06. On Off (Race’s Theme)
07. Dear Friends (Friendship’s Theme)
08. Inner Circle (Distress’ Theme)
09. Lazy Days (Everyday’s Theme)
10. Little Shine (Small Shine’s Theme)
11. Blind Reminder (Unspoken Anguish’s Theme)
12. Snap Shot (Michiru’s Theme)
13. I Call Your Name (Youngster’s Works’ Theme)
14. Memory Lake (Feelings of Anxity’s Theme)
15. Cold Brain (Domestic Violence’s Theme)
16. Friendship (Different Forms of Affection)
17. Drop Motion (Share House’s Theme)
18. Secret Poets (Solitude’s Theme)
19. Brand New Season (Eri’s Theme)
20. Red Strings (Bond)
21. Prisoner of Love (Theme Song Piano Version) – Utada Hikaru


01. S.EN.S. – Kioku No Mori

~Download CD 1~

~Download CD 2~

p/s – bonus track in CD 2


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