Lyric Taiwan / Taiwan

Tiao Bo – 5566

My MVP Valentine

Title : Tiao Bo

Artist : 5566

Traditional Chinese

你看起來不太開心 誰困擾了你
有多嚴重 你和他之間

我看起來也不太好 我當然知道
你不了解 我和你之間
只是愛上了不愛我 卻又在乎(他)的人

應該挑撥你和他 我想這是最好的時機
只是當你哭著說你還愛他 不忍離開他

應該勸你離開他 可是我郤也怎麼做不到
因為當你笑著說 我最好了 是你知心朋友
我不敢也沒勇氣告訴你 別把我當朋友 做你的情人

Huh look here girl
Look straight into this heart right here
This is how much I love ya
Like the moon vever smile without the shinning stars
But but I ain’t no peacemaker
Wanna be your love,wanna be your lover
So, all around theclock, girl(all around the world)
I’ll still be waiting for you, right here

Pin Yin

ni kan qi lai bu tai kai xin shei kun rao le ni
rang ni de yan shen kan lai you xie bei ai
you duo yan zhong ni he ta zhi jian
dao le bu ke shou shi de ju mian le ma?

wo kan qi lai ye bu tai hao wo dang ran zhi dao
yin wei ni de biao qing rang wo hen xin teng
ni bu liao zie wo he ni zhi jian
zhi shi ai shang le bu ai wo que you zai hu (ta) de ren

ying gai tiao bo ni he ta wo xiang zhe shi zuei hao de shi zi
zhi shi dang ni ku zhe shuo ni hai ai ta bu ren li kai ta
wo jing nu li ban yan ni he ta zhi jian de he shi lao

ying gai quan ni li kai ta ke shi wo que she me ye zuo bu dao
yin wei dang ni xiao zhe shuo wo zui hao le shi ni zhi xin peng you
wo bu gan ye mei you yong qi gao su ni bie ba wo dang peng you zuo ni de qing ren


You look like unhappy, who made you sad
Made your eyes looking sad
How big is the problem between you and him
Did it reached the part where you can’t go back

I look like not ok also, of course I know
Because you’re face made me sad
You don’t understand, between me and you
Only love the person that doesn’t love me but still only care for him

I should break you and him apart, I think this is the best time
But when you cried and said you still love him, can’t take leaving him
I already did my best in making you guys better

I should convince you to leave him but I can’t do anything
Because when you smiled and sad I’m you’re best pal
I can’t and don’t have courage to tell you don’t treat me like a friend want to be your lover


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