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Will it Snow for Christmas

01. Blue Christmas (opening title) instr.
02. Because It’s You (그대라서 ) by Gummy
03. I Love You, I am Sorry by SS501허영생 Heo Young Saeng
04. Just Like Now (그냥 이대로 ) by Han SoHyeon
05. Poisonous Love (독한 사랑 ) by Jade
06. Love Pendant (잃어버린 팬던트 )
07. Love Snow (instr.)
08. Fighting God (투 신 )
09. Paper Airplane (instr.)
10. The Father I Missed (그리운 아버지)
11. Icy Shadow (차가운 그림자 )
12. Love is like Rain Drops (사랑은 빗물처럼 )
13. Waltz of Tears (눈물의왈츠)
14. The Days of the Past (지난날)
15. Found Love (사랑을 찾아서)
16. Love Painting
17. Time of Fate (운명의시간 )

~Download Full Album~

*sorry because i'm too lazy to rename all the files

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