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Monthly OST Request : April → May

Mid March → Mid April

request will be taken and reviewed monthly
pending request will be listed below when reviewed by admins
please be patient until we post your request

Requesting Rules

– never do repeat request –
– please don’t use words like ‘quick!’, ‘ASAP’, etc ; use words like ‘please’ instead –
– we’re on semi hiatus, so please be patient –
– please state as detail as you can about your requested drama/movie –
– do not reupload our songs/OST to any other streaming site, strictly for private use –


Please do remember that we do review on this monthly request monthly. So, please be patient for your requested OST to be listed below.
Please fill in all the needed info, unless your request will be ignored.

Request List

*to be added*

Request Form

Drama/Movie Title :
*Other Title :
Type : (drama/movie)
Origin : (Japan/Korean/Taiwan/Hong Kong)
**Lead Role :
*&** – optional


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