Drama Info


  1. 18 Jin Bu Jin
  2. Bull Fighting
  3. Miss No Good
  4. Mr Fighting
  5. My Best Pal
  6. Smiling Pasta
  7. Snow Angel
  8. The Magicians Of Love


  1. 100 Days With Mr Arrogant
  2. 200 Pounds Beauty
  3. A Love To Kill
  4. Bad Couple
  5. Full House
  6. Gumiho:Tale of the Fox’s Child
  7. I Am Sam
  8. Loving You A Thousand Time
  9. Lovers In Paris
  10. You Are Beautiful


  1. Ace No Narae
  2. Anego
  3. Boku Dake No Madonna

One thought on “Drama Info

  1. Sou uma brasileira, que gosta muito dele,ele canta muitoo bem,alem de seer lindo(我是一个巴西人,谁爱他,他唱得很好,除了是美丽的),(I am a Brazilian, who loves him, he sings very well besides being beautiful)

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